The EndoRotor®, a novel tool for the endoscopic management of pancreatic necrosis

DDW Abstract

Poster Number Mo1087

The incidence of microscopic residual lesion left after apparent complete wide-field EMR of large colorectal superficial neoplastic lesions: evidence for the pathophysiological mechanism of recurrence

Authors: Andrew Emmanuel, Shraddha Gulati, Monica Ortenzi, Margaret Burt, Bu Hayee, Amyn Haji, Department of Endoscopy, King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Non-thermal ablation of non-neoplastic Barrett’s esophagus with the novel EndoRotor resection device

Authors: Mate Knabe, Sandra Blo¨ßer, Jens Wetzka, Christian Ell and Andrea May

The EndoRotor: endoscopic mucosal resection system for non-thermal and rapid removal of esophageal, gastric, and colonic lesions: initial experience in live animals

Authors: Stephan Hollerbach, Axel Wellmann, Peter Meier, Jeffery Ryan, Ramon Franco, Peter Koehler