What is an Investigator-Initiated Study (IIS)?

An Investigator-Initiated study is a clinical research study that is developed and conducted by the investigator. The investigator is responsible for independently conducting the clinical study and assumes responsibility for ensuring compliance with all local laws and regulatory requirements. Interscope Medical may offer support for investigator-initiated studies, including assistance with grant writing and technical support. Further information on how to submit a research proposal and details of our review process follows. Interscope cannot contribute to the design of the study.

If you are an investigator interested in conducting clinical research with Interscope Medical, please complete the form below.

What is the review process?

Interscope Medical will evaluate study proposals/protocols, with input from advisors, as necessary, using the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit

  • Capacity

  • Potential impact on Interscope Medical’s company objectives and strategy

  • Adherence to Good Clinical Practice

  • Suitability of Interscope Medical’s devices for the proposed study

Unfortunately, Interscope Medical is unable to support all applications.

Overview of the review process:

  1. Contact: The investigator completes an application form and submits it to Interscope Medical

  2. Initial discussion with Interscope Medical: We will consider the proposal summary and may subsequently contact the investigator to initiate further discussion. 

  3. Full Proposal: Interscope may then ask the investigator to develop a full proposal/study protocol.

  4. Review: The full proposal will then be reviewed by Interscope Medical. The investigators will be contacted once the final decision has been made.

Investigator Application Form

If you are an investigator interested in conducting clinical research with Interscope Medical, please complete this form:

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Do you have previous experience in conducting clinical trials?
Do you have a study nurse / coordinator and/or a study office?
Do you have funds to cover your institutional costs for the proposed study?
If you do not currently have sufficient funds, do you require support in identifying appropriate sources of funding?
If you plan to submit applications to relevant funding bodies, will you require grant writing support from Interscope Medical?